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What's going on with drivers in the Twin Cities (Minneapolis & St. Paul)? They're terrible drivers in the best conditions. When it rains, sleets or snows, you better watch out because these awful drivers panic.This morning's commute into downtown Terrifiedapolis was terrible. I will admit that it had rained earlier in the morning and the roads were a little wet. It was also drizzling.

It didn't look much worse then if it was dew. The drivers on the road were traveling at 30 MPH in a 55-60 MPH zone.To make matters worse these drivers were giving themselves about 250 feet of space between their car and the car in front of them. If I wasn't so angered at these inept drivers I would have laughed.

What did these drivers think would happen? I guess they felt that if they tapped their brakes at 30 MPH they would start hydroplaning and hit the car in front of them, causing a 1,000 car pileup.Bad driving in Terrifiedapolis is common. You have people who drive like snails in perfect weather conditions. To make things worse, these snails travel in the left (faster traffic) lane.

They've never figured out that the right lane is for people who can't drive at the posted speed limit.You also have drivers talking on their beloved and can't do without cell phones who also drive in the left lane. These drivers are clueless about what's happening on the road. Not only do they drive like snails but they swerve in and out of traffic without signaling or looking to see if there's any traffic near them.When it snows in Terrifiedapolis, it's the most annoying scene in the world.

G-d help if the weatherman tells their viewers that there will be snow the next morning. In the morning you will see a traffic jam for miles because these drivers are driving at 1 MPH. This makes the morning commute into work awful. It can take 21/2 hours to travel 15 miles.It seems that the drivers on the road are dazed and confused. It's as if they're shell-shocked.

The funny thing is that I thought that the Twin Cities were Northern Cities that were accustomed to winter weather and driving conditions.I just don't understand why the drivers of Minneapolis and St. Paul are so bad. The only thing that I can think of is that the freezing cold weather has numbed their brains.Please note: Not all Terrifiedapolis drivers are terrible drivers. About 40% of the drivers are bad and they're the ones that cause havoc on the interstates and freeways of Minneapolis and St.


.Anthony B. is the founder and owner of ItsTheRightWay.

com a news, political and sports commentary website.Anthony has over 7 years of experience as a business professional.

By: Anthony Bloch


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