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Hotel Safety for Your Next Business Trip or Vacation GetaWay

>From a business trip to the next weekend get-a-way, personal safety and security should be on your mind. It can be especially challenging when your flight was delayed, the taxi cab line was never ending and all you want to do is park, check-in and get to your room as fast as possible. But wait? take some time now to think about your safety with these easy but life-protecting tips? Checking in ? -if valet parking is available, use it. If not, park by the lobby doors and ask for a hotel escort into the parking lot or garage. A small tip to the person assisting you is well worth to protect your safety.

-travel the lot to park in the most safest space possible. Check to make sure no one is loitering and where you park is well-lit. Try to park as close to the lobby as possible. -take out all personal items, laptops, electronic devices, money or any other valuables out before you or the valet parks your vehicle. Take items with you or lock them in your trunk. -when registering, use only your first initial and your last name.

Use your business address and phone number. -request for a room not on a first or second floor (more thefts occur on these two levels especially if there is a sliding glass door, window or balcony) and available with an inside corridor. If the hotel has many buildings, get your room within the main building of the hotel. -ask the front desk attendant to write down your room number, not said out loud to have bystanders overhear what room you are in. - ask the hotel staff about the safety of jogging nearby or walking from your hotel to nearby restaurants, movie theaters or the parking lot.

They are often the most reliable source of information about the neighborhood. Don't hesitate to ask about transportation shuttle services and escorts to your car or room. If you inquire about or walking areas at the front desk, verify the employee giving you advice has knowledge of the area. -if your room key is labeled with the room number, take care not to let others see that number.

Safeguard your key at all times. Especially in public places. Don't leave it at a restaurant table, by the swimming pool, bar or gym. Don't give it to others. Don't leave it in the room or in the hotel room door. -do not draw attention to yourself by wearing large pieces of jewelry or flash large amounts of cash.

-keep an eye out for your luggage both to and from your hotel room. -locate all fire exits, fire extinguishers and elevators. -Do not use the stairs to get to your room. Always take the elevator.

Any secluded part of the hotel is never a good idea to be in i.e. stairwells, parking garages, dark hallways etc. During your stay . -make sure the windows and the between-room door are all locked.

- use all the locks on your door every time you're in your room, especially the dead bolt, flip lock or chain at night. -put all valuables in the room safe and make sure it is one that is bolted to the floor. Never leave jewelry, credit cards or cash lying around your room.

-if someone knocks on your door, don't open it right away. Keep the door shut and use the peephole and ask the person to identify themselves. If you don't know them, don't open the door. If they claim to be hotel personnel or security, call down to the front desk to make sure the hotel sent them. If their story does not check-out and there is no reason for the person to be there, tell them to go away and then notify the front desk. - Consider purchasing a portable room alarm.

They can hang on the inside door knob, or a floor device that sounds an alarm if your hotel door is opened. To get these room safety devices, go to they're small and easy to travel with.

They can fit into a pocket or purse. - always leave the 'do not disturb' tag on the outside of your door. - When leaving put the lights and the T.

V. or radio on to let no one know you have left the room and it is unoccupied. -if you loose your key, report it immediately to the hotel's front desk and ask to be moved to another room. -immediately report any suspicious activity to the Hotel's staff.

When you check-out? -search through your belongings to make sure all forms of I.D. are safe and nothing is missing with personal information on it. -request an escort to your vehicle in the parking garage or lot. -check the inside of the vehicle before getting in.

By following these hotel safety tips, you can increase your protection from a personal assault or theft. Making your business or vacation trip safer and being less of a target for a criminal. .

By: Michelle Annese


Hotel Safety for Your Next Business Trip or Vacation GetaWay - >From a business trip to the next weekend get-a-way, personal safety and security should be on your mind.

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