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Parador Sos del Rey Catolico

Located in the far reaches of Aragon, Spain, the Parador of Sos del Rey Catolico is kind of "in the middle of nowhere." The result of this is that relatively few tourists ever find their way here to this sleepy little village of less than a thousand inhabitants. When you enter, you'll feel as if you've just stepped back several centuries in time. The village has a distinctly medieval feel.The Parador Sos is of a typical Aragonese character. The building conserves and fits congruously with the monumental and historical atmosphere of the town of Sos del Rey Católico.

Though by looking at it one would never realize - the Parador here is a modern building. Because the whole town has been declared a National Historic Monument, none of the standing buildings could be changed or altered. The government of Spain hired one of the most renowned architects to create a building that would completely blend in with the historical ambience and appearance of the town. He succeeded completely.The regal and elegant interior offers beautiful views of the town from some of the rooms. There are wooden interior columns and the furniture is predominately of a Castilian style.

The bedrooms are spacious, and because each has it's own balcony with double doors, and large windows - they fill with light. From those windows can be seen the Aragonese and Navarrese foothills of the Pyrenees in the far distance.The town of Sos del Rey Catolico has been declared a National Monument.

It was the birthplace of influential nobles and of the great Catholic King Ferdinand (who married the equally famous Isabella). From the Parador, a few steps takes you directly into the old quarter of the town.Interesting nearby excursions from Parador Sos del Rey Catolico:.

- As stated earlier, the entire town has been declared a National Historic Monument. It's great to just meander around with out any special agenda. The town is very small and you can't get lost.

- See the Sada palace.- Visit the monastery of Nuestra Señora de Valentuñana.Interesting day trips from the Olite Parador include:.- Javier Castle (19 km).- Uncastillo (17 km).- Yesa Reservoir (25 km).

- Leyre Monastery (28 km).- Valles de Hecho (89 km).- Roncesvalles (96 km).Interesting festivals during the year:.

- Local summer festivities in Sos during the 2nd two weeks in August.- Romería Valentuñana (Procession) Easter.Sos del Rey Catolico is a very special kind of place.

This is not your usual tourist destination - it has none of the hustle and bustle, garrish attractions, or fine restaurants and museums of those places. However; the whole town is like a museum and the Parador serves as fine a cuisine as you'll find in Spain. Sos is one of my personal favorite places in Spain. Come here for the tranquility and the medieval ambience - you'll add it your list of favorites as well.


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By: Gary Bumpas


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