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Motor Home Features Seven Tips Before You Buy

There are several different options and motor home features available to you when you purchase a new RV. There are motor home features that are necessary for survival on the road, while other features may seem frivolous to you. If you are a new RV owner, you should take some important time to become aware of different motor home features that will make your travels easier, along with those that may be more burdensome further on down the road.1. Storage Areas: One of the important motor home features is the storage space.

A motor home storage area can be found inside the RV or outside. Assess the reasons why you will be initially traveling, how long you will be on the road, and what activities you and your fellow RVers will be participating in on the road. When looking at a motor home and motor home features, check these hidden spaces to ensure your RV will comfortably hold all of the extra materials you need and want with you when traveling.

Motor home features needed in storage ? water hose, grill, shovel, lawn chairs, clothing, toys, and pantry-style food.2. Holding Tank: Another one of the most crucial motor home features is the holding tank. A holding tank is how your motor home holds water and toilet waste until dumping. It is important for you to look at where these motor home features are located on your RV. The tank motor home features should be easy to access and easy to empty, and there should be a storage area for your motor home hose within range of your holding tank.

3. Dual Tires: If you are looking at a recreational vehicle that has dual tires, make sure you check to see if these tires are accessible both visually and physically. You want to make certain all of your motor home features are easy to access.4. Visibility: Another important feature you will want to make sure your new or used motor home has is visibility from the driver and passenger seat for backing up, passing, and other on the road maneuvering techniques.5.

Propane: Make sure the propane tanks on your motor home have a regulator, are easy to remove if needed, and accessible for you to check for leakage on a regular basis.6. Other Options: Will you be staying at campgrounds with full amenities, or will you be off the beaten path more during your travels? Do you need to have a motor home that is capable of carrying water, batteries for appliances, or will you be at camping areas that have full hookups?.7. Budget: What is your spending budget ? realistically? Make a list of priorities, what you want in your motor home when you buy it, and what you may invest in down the road.

Ask around to other RV owners for their advice and recommendations, or do further research on your own.Buying an RV is already a large investment, and the numerous extra amenities can be found intimidating. By doing research and investigation on your own, you will be able to make educated choices, which will inevitably help you in your new lifestyle.


Eriani Doyel writes information traveling, motor homes, and RVs. Find RV resources for recreational vehicles at

By: Eriani Doyel


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