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Horseback The Ideal Way to Explore Argentina and Chile from the Atacama to Patagonia

Horseback is a perfect way to see the spectacular landscapes of Argentina and Chile. These two countries encompass an exciting and colourful land that contains almost every landscape and climate imaginable - from lush rainforests to harsh and arid deserts to the native forests, lakes and fjords of Patagonia.It is a part of the world rich in culture and history with a unique infusion of old and new world. The amazing geography and the welcoming rural cultures provide the raw ingredients for amazing and unforgettable horseback trekking.With many of the most beautiful wilderness areas inaccessible by road you can venture far from the beaten track and explore the country much as the early settlers would have done in centuries past.

We can arrange horseback treks in many locations from the northern deserts to Patagonia and most places in between. Treks can take the form of half-day excursions to local beauty spots or multiple-day treks that take you far out into the wilderness regions where you can relax in the evenings round a camp fire and sleep under the southern stars.The horse is an integral part of history and culture in Argentina particularly, but also in Chile. The Spanish conquest of the Americas would have been very different without the horse. The modern borders of Argentina were formed to some extent by the expansion west, north and south of the Gaucho culture.

That culture is alive and thriving today and it can be experienced first hand at the many estancias (ranches) throughout Chile and Argentina. Staying at a working ranch is one of the best ways to experience contemporary rural life and see the Gaucho (or Huaso in Chile) way of life. The estancias provide first class accommodation, delicious traditional cuisine and the perfect base for exploring the surrounding countryside. From some estancias it is also possible to organise fishing or hunting trips and even a game of Polo for the courageous. Optimundo works with 20 of the best estancias in Chile and Argentina, contact us for booking details.

.The author worked and travelled in South America for many years before setting up Optimundo, a travel company that specialises in private tours to Chile and Argentina. Optimundo offers a range of exclusive luxury travel itineraries that have been designed with expert knowledge of the region. The company also provides a efficient and friendly tailor-made service, so that you can specify the elements that you want in your perfect trip to Chile and Argentina.

By: Andrew Chaundler


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