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Eurovision in Finland

Eurovision 2005 in Kiev Ukraine was hailed as a great success for a fledgling nation - but the run up was fraught due to political upheaval including a near-revolution, argumeents over the hall and problems with accommodation and tickets, although all was fine on the night. All hotels were prebooked by dodgy deals, and when the event came around, most of them remained half-empty. The same was true of the tickets - impossible to purchase up front, but loads available close to the event.

Ticket touts have arrived in Ukraine.But now we come to Finland in the aftermath of an unexpected victory in May 2006's event. Lordi, the winners, come from the North of Finland - Lapland in fact, and Lapland wants to host the event to the consternation of Helsinki and the city-dwelling Fins. An announcement on the venue is imminent and excitement rises to see who wins the contest of the venues - lets hope it keeps Lordi happy as they looked a fearsome bunch when they performed.

Summer is a wonderful time to visit Lapland, the land of the midnight sun and this could be the ideal showcase to Europe and beyond. Forget Santa and his popular winter grotto, come to Lapland and enjoy the long nights bathed in summer sun.


Steven Penney, Webmaster of and http://www. was involved in the travel for thousands of fans to Eurovision 2005 - and shares thoughts of future plans for Finland.Article Source: http://EzineArticles.



By: Steven Penney


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