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Disney Land and Disney World

The big dream of most young children is to go to Disney Land or Disney World. This vacation, though, can cost you an arm and a leg! How do you keep it affordable and please the kids? There are several things you can do to limit your costs and enjoy a great Disney vacation.First, know your budget. Know what is the most you can spend.

Many people often rack up large debts from a trip to Disney and that is just not wise. So, knowing what you can and can't afford is the most important factor.Then, you can start considering the large expenses for your Disney vacation. Begin with how you will get there as that is one of the most expensive parts of your Disney Land or Disney World vacation.

Flying is most likely the means of transportation that you will have to utilize. But, is it more cost effective to drive? Even if it does take eight or more hours, it may be a great way of cutting costs. Also, flying at odd times of the day and week can help to lower this cost.So, you're there, now what? Accommodations are often the next major cost in a Disney Vacation.

Cut down on this by not staying at the location itself, but maybe a few miles out. Another way is to book your Disney Land or Disney World vacation at off peak times not during peak parts of the year for visitors. For example, traveling in the summer or during spring break is often the most crowded allowing hotels to charge more since lodging is harder to fine. Cutting down on meals is next. Perhaps you can cut down on breakfast by bringing cold cereal and milk to your hotel room?.Or, pack a sack lunch for while you visit the Disney resort.

Cut down on the amount of drinks you buy by purchasing a water bottle and then refilling it at the water fountains. There are many such things you can do to cut your expenses. You can do the same thing with snacks.Okay, so planning your Disney Land or Disney World vacation may seem like a bigger hassle, but it really is worth the extra effort. Cutting a few dollars here and there will put more money in your pocket for extra attractions or that special toy to remember the trip.

Try utilizing websites like to help you plan the trip to Disney World and Disney Land.

.Sandy Baker is staff writer at http://www.

By: Sandy Baker


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